Calculating Houston Child Support Payments

Photo of CalculatorCalculating Houston child support payments can be complicated since so many factors must be taken into account, including wage and salary income, other compensations, number of children, etc.  However, the Texas Legislature enacted child support guidelines as they relate to Houston child support law:

  • 1 child: 20% of obligor’s net resources
  • 2 children: 25% of obligor’s net resources
  • 3 children: 30% of obligor’s net resources
  • 4 children: 35% of obligor’s net resources

Keep in mind that these figures are guidelines only.  The specifics of your case may merit an adjustment, as your Houston child support attorney can explain to you.  Net resources, as listed above, can include a long list of resources.  Generally speaking, “net resources” is all of one’s salary and wage income, as well as compensation that the obligor receives for other things, such as interest, royalty income, dividends, net rental income, self-employment income, etc less social security taxes and federal income tax withholding for a single person claiming one personal exemption and the standard deduction.

The above guidelines apply to the obligor’s first $6,000.00 of net resources per month.  If the net resources exceed $6,000.00 per month, the Court may choose to set additional child support amounts based on what is in the best interest of the child.  The child’s lifestyle is not used to determine the amount of child support.  A Houston child support lawyer can better advise you as to how to calculate the net resources.

In general, unless there is a very unusual situation, child support payments are automatically paid by withholding the payments from the obligor’s wages.

If you have questions about how to calculate child support payments, our Houston child support attorneys would be happy to answer your questions.  Please contact our Houston child support attorneys to set up a consultation.

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