Modifying or Stopping Houston Child Support Payments

Photo of Signing PapersHouston child support payment amounts are not set in stone; they can be modified as circumstances change.  In Texas, child support must continue until the child is 18 years old or graduates from high school – whichever is later.  Extensions are granted as needed, as are the payment amounts.

One of the most common reasons to adjust child support is because there has been a significant change in income levels (whether the change is good or bad).  This is often related to whether one of the parents has received a promotion or has been laid off.  These adjustments to the child support amounts can be made temporary or permanent depending on the circumstances.  Other reasons to adjust your child support payments may include additional expenses for the child, such as for medical needs or therapy.

Reasons for temporary modifications to child support arrangements include medical emergencies (either for the child or the obligor), as well as economic or medical difficulties faced by the custodial parent.  Permanent changes to child support arrangements may come from circumstances that will have a long-term effect on one of the parents, such as remarriage, additional income, job changes, cost of living increases, and more.

If one or both parents want to adjust child support payments, the changes can often be made by putting together an agreement that both parties sign.  The Court can also adjust child support payments, as dictated by federal and Houston child support law.

If you reach a situation in which you need adjustments made to your child support arrangement, you want to make it as quickly as possible.  Changes cannot go in effect until after you file a request for modification.  Because of this, we often advise our client to seek the advice and counsel of a Houston child support lawyer in getting the necessary paperwork put together.

If you have questions about how to modify your child support payments, our Houston child support attorney would be happy to answer your questions. Please contact our law firm to set up a consultation.

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