Child Support Liens

Information regarding Houston Child Support

Photo of Lien FormIf you are currently involved in a child support case, you might want to consider a child support lien. The attorneys at John K. Grubb & Associates, PC, are skilled in Houston child support law and can answer any questions you might have.

A child support lien can be claimed if you are owed child support. This lien works as a charge against property. If child support is overdue, you merely have to “perfect” the lien. Once perfected, you are able to attempt to gain compensation through any assets the obligor has except for his or her household. A Houston child support attorney can assist you in perfecting this lien.

Once the lien is created and filed, it becomes a charge against all non-exempt property. This includes any property that is able to be sold to pay off debts. The obligor may not sell any of his property at this time.

Houston child support liens are often the only option for parents who are in need of child support money. For more information on child support liens, contact our experts in Houston child support today.

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